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What does a vehicle exhaust and catalytic converter do?

Your exhaust and catalytic converter are crucial for reducing noise, improving fuel consumption, improving engine performance and preventing bad emissions entering the vehicle.

The catalytic converter reduces harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, by converting them into safe gases. You can avoid these parts failing by having the exhaust and catalytic converter regularly serviced and/or checked.

Exhaust warning signs

Look out for the following signs that your exhaust or catalytic converter isn’t working as it should:

A rattling noise may indicate loose brackets holding the system in place, roaring noises often come from the silencer, and hissing/popping could be coming from the muffler (or one of the pipes is leaking)

Blue smoke or white smoke could be due to a leak or breakage and should be investigated immediately, and

Visual appearance 
Rust, corrosion or cracks on the pipe could signify that the exhaust needs replacing

Getting your exhaust system repaired or replaced

Yateley MOT are able to supply and fit exhausts for most makes and models. If you’re concerned about your exhaust, we’ll provide a FREE inspection before advising you of any issues and providing a full quote, including parts, labour & VAT.

Call Yateley MOT on 01252 876231 and one of our service advisors will be happy to book your car in for a full investigation.

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