Payment Assist Options with Yateley MOT Centre

Did you know you can spread the cost of any repairs on your vehicle over 4 months with Payment Assist at Yateley MOT Centre. Simply let us know when you book online and we will help you run through your options.



The last thing we all need right now is costly car repairs & maintenance such as MOT failures, cam-belts, clutches, tyres, brakes etc

Sometimes we are tempted to put off our vehicle repairs which then become even more costly later . . . for example, we ignore noises when we're braking or from the suspension when we go over bumps or turn corners!


Yateley MOT Centre...Providing solutions to your motoring costs

Also, when you have emergency repairs we can help with these.

These costs over are now AFFORDABLE as we have a Payment Assist solution which enables you to pay these bills over 4 months with no addition charges and interest free!


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Helpful advice, tips, tricks and motoring news from Yateley MOT Centre. Help keep your car healthy and in good condition throughout the year. And remember, our Payment Assist options are there to help you afford those difficult but essential repairs.

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Payment Assist with Yateley MOT Centre gives you an affordable way to make sure you don't put off those important repairs and maintenance. We are committed to helping you keep your car safe and finding ways to help you afford your vehicle maintenance.