Car Maintenance | 3 Signs Your Car Battery is About to Die
Car Maintenance

3 Signs Your Car Battery is About to Die

18th December, 2018

Your battery is powered by the engine, and it keeps your vehicle ticking over. We all know not to leave our car lights on in case of running the battery flat, but over time a dead battery is unfortunately inevitable.

So, keep a look out for these three signs that yours could be on its way out.

Your engine takes longer than usual to start

It’s the moment we all dread. If you’re turning the car key in the ignition and the engine isn’t starting straight away. You might even find that you the engine starts one day, and the next day it won’t. This could mean that you have a battery issue, so don’t ignore it. Instead, book it for a free battery check and we’ll let you know right away whether you’re battery is in a stop of trouble.

Loss of power to electrics

Your car battery powers all of the electrical elements of the vehicle, from your windows to your radio. If you notice that things aren’t working as normal, it could be a sign that your battery is on its way out. Noticed a problem with the electric windows? It could be time to book your vehicle in for a battery check.

There’s a warning symbol on your dashboard

Most cars will tell you when your battery is about to die with a warning symbol on your dashboard. If this appears, as with all other warnings, make sure you get it checked out! The test is free and only takes a matter of minutes. Remember that your car warning light isn’t always the first sign of a fault.

Most car batteries should last for around 4 years, although this will depend on your car model. Think yours might be about to die? Book your vehicle in today.