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Prepare your vehicle for the coldest winter in 5 years

5th December, 2017

Don’t be fooled by this week’s mild temperatures – the UK is due to face its coldest winter in five years come December. According to The Weather Channel, the whole country will face colder-than-usual temperatures, including the south. It’s time to get serious about road safety.

Preparing for winter will give you the best chance of keeping you and your family safe, without any bumps in the road. Whether it’s getting your vehicle checked before long journeys, adapting your driving style or packing a breakdown emergency kit – there are a variety of easy ways to get started.

Get your car checked

We know that taking care of your car isn’t the top of the list of things you’d like to spend money on. Save your cash by booking a free winter check at Fox, and we’ll check all the vital parts of your vehicle to make sure you’re ready to travel. We’ll check your bulbs, battery, brakes, tyres, oil, wiper blades and top up your screen wash, all for free.

Plan your journey

Knowing how long your journey is going to take and leaving with enough time is a good idea to avoid rushing from A to B. Rushing can lead to lack of concentration and taking more risks – neither are a good idea, especially in colder climates! Always check the traffic just before you leave too, so you don’t meet any unnecessary traffic jams.

Pack an emergency breakdown kit

Breaking down is one of those things we never expect to happen to us. So, when it does happen it can cause more trouble than it’s worth. There are a few things you can keep in your car to make you feel safer if you find yourself stuck:

  1. Hazard warning triangle
  2. First aid kit
  3. Old fashioned map
  4. Bulb kit
  5. In-car phone charger
  6. Reflective jacket

Read up on driving techniques for winter weather

Driving in different weather conditions can call for different driving techniques. We all know to extend our braking distances in rain, but there are many other tips and tricks depending on the conditions. Take a look at our top winter driving tips for extra information that could come in handy.

Sign up to our winter warranty

Vehicles are more prone to problems when the temperatures drop, which is why every year we offer our Winter Guard. Once we’ve carried out a full safety check of your vehicle, we’ll insure your car for up to £750 worth of repairs for just £19.99 – no catches. Book in today and protect your car for up to 4 months.